Shades of Red

by Echo Collider

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released February 18, 2014

Written and performed by Bryan Maynard, Derek Page, Ed Palomo, and Matt Isle.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Duane Trower at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City.
Art design by Billy Myers of Von Skull Media.
© 2014 Echo Collider all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Echo Collider Kansas City, Missouri

"Echo Collider is a five piece progressive hard rock band hailing from Kansas City, MO. Dynamically mixing heavy guitars along with moments where the listener can get whisked up in the exploratory song progression, Echo Collider have the music to take you on a trip." - Jeremy Neugebauer, AlternativeNation ... more

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Track Name: Good Day
Today will be a good day
The sun reflects off the mirror
And lit up my face
It's hard to hold out hope, just try

Round the corner, sun on my face
Wailing sirens have filled the air
Should I run or should I hide
Bright dark light fills the sky

The fear fills my lungs
The heat fills my eyes
The light fills my ears
Gripping my fists tight

Is this my day to die?
Track Name: This Last Step
He was done, had enough
Empty road, his only friend
This pressure, uncertainty
Can't take it, had enough

Hunting him, no one leaves
Slipping through the shadows
Slowly and cautiously
Just a few more steps

Searching for a new life
Fleeing from this, hell bent time
Freedom comes, not for free
Knock him down, taste the blood

The rail yard, the last chance
One more step, this is it
This coal car, only defense
This last step to freedom


The wave of pain, knocked him down
Waking on the tracks, old life gone?
Was he free or just in a bad dream
Standing up, walking to a new a life

Track Name: Awaken
No chance of turning back
But sometimes he wonders
His brother, had he survived, no chance
Cry himself to sleep
Suddenly awaken
He must move forward

Strange faces, endless disgraces
Grabbing at his arms, carrying away
No questions, they were not asking
Eyes adjusting, only a blur

Silent he must move through the forest
Sounds of camps on the horizon
The danger, forces a timed move forward
Too late, shattering pain freezes time
Awaken to find, the legend of Harriet

Could this be real? Time will tell
A mystical legend in the flesh
Why are they helping or care?
Hoping there's more that they will tell

Nursing the wound, Harriet helps
Noticed a strange marking on her wrist
At that point, legends do exist
He must get her to break it down
Track Name: Shades of Red
Mended wounds have healed
Put him on his way
Searching for redemption
Harriet spoke of them
The group of rebels
Toppling the oppression

He can't stand to see
He don't want to be
All he sees is red
He can't stand to be
All that he sees
They're shades of red

Memory passed him by
No recollection
How did he survive
No time to ponder this
The machine must be stopped
Heading right for the throat


Mentally prepared
They killed his brother
He's out for revenge
Equipped with little luck
He must defeat with skill
Time to join the rebellion

Track Name: Locked Inside
Did as he was told
Did as he was commanded
Now locked inside that room
Lucky to be alive
Just wants one more try
Locked inside this room
They torture and consume

He was a good soldier
Now he knows of the war
Against his own people
What is he to do
Just do as he's told
As he's done before

Yeah he wants to
And he must know
Who he shot
Was he one of
The rebel forces?
Did he die?

Oh, everyone is hurting
Oh, everyone is crying
Oh, everyone is maddening
Against the man

Feeling guilt
For hurting his own
Must be why he's in this hell
No, he can't sleep
Until he knows
He Must find the answers

Oh, everyone is hurting
Oh, everyone is crying
Oh, everyone is maddening
Against the man
Track Name: Forcing Their Hand
Citizens have grown disdain
Oppression by the suits are to blame
They have what but one ultimate goal
To sustain their wealth, by the hands of men

They see not, what they have planned
Only what their people do
Can't see the arms that they gather
Nor acknowledge what's coming to them

These people, are placing the blame
Those people, are forcing their hand
These people, are making a plan
Those people, they will be damned
Those people, will see what their greed has bred

Not to sit by any longer
As the saying goes, we the people
Gather their things, on a march they go
Exercise their right, to take back their freedom

These people, are placing the blame
Those people, are forcing their hand
These people, are making a plan
Those people, they will be damned
These people, are placing the blame
Those people, are forcing their hand
Our people, are making a plan
Track Name: Silent Sirens
Can't stop, from revealing the truth
Won't stop, announcing their intentions
They won't, back down from us
Must start, broadcasting to the masses

We will not stop
Until the people know the truth
Lifting the veil
Off the face of evil
The suits will know
We will take no more
Listen to us
It's time to burn you to the ground

We can't give up
Until we see this through
They must be stopped
Pull the curtain back
Burning to ash
Their building no more
We the people
Are kicking down your door

This war, against the ones we entrust
Will end, with the silent sirens
Our men, toppling the system
Our life, the only thing we covet

Track Name: First Blood
Heeded words
From their people
Listening, their staple
Come together
They now know the truth
Filling streets, torches in their hand

To burn
The suited men
It's on, you're going down
The Gathering
The heartless cowards
It's time, to take it back

Together they
March on forward
The capitol, the destination
On the steps
They meet their foe
The mob attacks, oppressed no more

Track Name: Hidden Faces
Today wasn't like yesterday
It wasn't we want it to be
So don't turn around
Cause they can't see your face

Their stable is almost empty
What has happened lately
They can't see your face in there
Running farther away
Running farther away

Run again
See again
Look again
Bleed again

This catastrophe has torn up our heads
It's empty
Are we better off dead

We run away, everyone is the same

We cannot let them get away
You can't expect to find your own way
They cannot get away
You can't expect they'll find their way back to us

They must expect that we will run away
They must expect that we are running away
Track Name: The Road Ahead
Freedom reigns
Morph into the abyss
Winding our way
Down the road ahead